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Note: for security purposes, participants in the JFMP platform can not see your personal contact information unless you choose to share it with them. Initial communication can be made through internal platform messaging.

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Areas of Assistance

Area Yes
Gaining insights into Mentor experiences
Gaining insights into industry/occupational performance requirements, as well learning about a Mentor's personal educational and employment experiences and successes


Targeting jobs that match my skills, interests, and abilities
Assistance in identifying jobs that match my skills, education and training, experience, qualifications/credentials, quantifiable accomplishments, and interests


Developing resumes
Assistance developing effective networking and job-specific resumes


Interview preparation
Assistance preparing and practicing for job interviews


Gaining industry and employer contacts
Gaining industry and employer contacts, as well as personal referrals and recommendations


Developing my network
Assistance in developing and using your personal, business, and social networks


Overcoming employment barriers
Help navigating potential barriers to employment, e.g., legal, financial, health, education, childcare, and transportation


Obtaining additional education and training
Guidance in navigating advanced education or training and employment opportunities, including veteran's education benefits and hiring preferences


Starting my own business
Entrepreneurship assistance for starting, maintaining, and growing your own business


Understanding the workplace environment
Receiving guidance in understanding the civilian workplace culture and developing successful workplace behaviors


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